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What this is going to be about…

March 19, 2010

Hi there,

A few years back I got into collecting comics.  I had done so off and on as a kid, in spurts before my short attention span dragged me off in some other direction.  I had never really put much effort into it back in those days, and buying the new stuff as it came out never held my interest for any length of time.  I always saw reprints and stories about the classic Golden and Silver Age books and thought that they looked really cool, but then I’d see the prices listed in the back of some rag like Wizard and the dollar amounts would make my hair stand on end.  They seemed to be out of my price range.  Check that.  WAY out of my price range.

Then a couple of years ago I got the urge  – one of those old sporadic urges from back in the day – to pick up some comics.  The new stuff left me cold.  With the high prices I felt like I was pouring money down the drain.  Then I found a few places that sold back issues.  I figured that I’d pick up some stuff from the 80’s, when I was a kid, have a nolstalgic blast, and then call it a day.  But I stumbled over some old 60’s super-hero Marvels.  The classic Lee/Kirby/Ditko/Romita stuff.  And lo and behold, the prices weren’t insane.  I discovered to my delight that there was this little thing called “condition” that could make these great things affordable.  The old hair-on-end values still applied, but only to the most pristine of each issue.  I could pick up something like a great old Amazing Spider-Man for relative peanuts. 

And I did.

So I’ve been having fun buying old stuff for a while now.  Thor.  Supes.  Spidey.  Batman back when he used to smile all the time.  And all kinds of stuff in between.  What I’d like to do here is share some of the fun of this.  Maybe somebody will stumble by and check in with what I’m doing.  Maybe I’ll just be shouting into the night.  My hope is that some folks, and you if you’re reading this, will share with me questions, comments, and let me know what your interests are.  I’ll just be posting things about this great, fun hobby, and showing how you can get a lot of bang for your buck and not feel like your money is dissappearing into thin air when you sink some money into comics.

And before I go, I thought I’d share the comic that really started it all for me.  My first ever “old” comic buy, from back in November of ’07.  My tastes about condition have evolved, but this is the one that primed the pump.

'Nuff Said!

Stan had me at the “‘Nuff Said!”

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