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The Frontier Cabin is all fun and games, right up until your parents make you live in it

November 10, 2012

Dad won’t build you a treehouse? Maybe he’ll shell out the cash for this fake, miniature log cabin, one that purports to be able to hold 2-3 children, though only if they hunch over like they’re working on Floor 7½ in Being John Malkovich. Once inside, you can fulfill all your wildest Davy Crockett fantasies.

Basically this is a doghouse for kids. Look, it even has “Billy” in the place of “Fido.” “I know it’s cold out there, Billy, but your mother and I need our alone time now. We left a full water bowl for you, what more do you want?”

Five for four bucks is an irresistible bargain, though.

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